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When you book a party/event with little legs buses you are agreeing with the full terms and conditions.


Payment/deposit and cancellations

•A minimum of £50 deposit is required to secure your chosen date and time slot for your party/event/Hire.

•The remaining balance is required to be paid in full no later than 14 days before your party/event.

•Payments can be made via bank transfer, cash or card payments over the phone.

•Any cancellation request must be received at least 14 days before your agreed booking date. Refunds will be returned to you excluding the £50 deposit.


Vehicle Access

•Our buses are 10 meters/33 foot long and 2.4 meters/8 foot wide with a height of 4.42 meters/14 foot 6 inches tall so adequate access is required

•A minimum length of five parking spaces needs to be available at your chosen location, to ensure we can park safety on site.

•There cannot be any low hanging trees near these spaces to avoid damaging the roof or sides of the bus. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.


Parking tickets

•It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they obtain the necessary parking permits and authorisation for the bus to park if require.

•Little legs accept no responsibility for any penalties issued when parking the bus in a zone where we have been directed to park by the hirer.

•Any parking tickets and enforcement notices issued to our bus under these circumstances must be paid for by the hirer.


Vehicle breakdown 

•Our buses are maintained to a high standard and serviced every 6 weeks,  however breakdowns can happen, if this does happen we will do are very best to get the bus back up and running as soon as possible and endeavour to still get to you on your chosen day.

•If this is not possible we will offer you a full refund or arrange another date and time for your party/event.


Poor Weather condition 

•There may be times when extreme weather condition like heavy snow, freezing condition or flooding that  can make it unsafe for us to attend your event , if we make the decision to withdraw our services from your party/event due to these reason, we will offer a refund but this will exclude the £50 deposit.


Highway restriction 

•Little legs buses cannot be held liable for a delay in reaching your chosen location due to emergency road work or any other hazards on the highway which may cause us delays.  We will keep you the hirer informed if this does happen and will make up any loss of time, leaving later so that you still have your agreed amount of time for your event/party.


Food & Drink

•Food and drinks cannot be consumed on the little legs bus, drinks can only be consumed in the designated area at the front of the bus near the drivers cab area.  Food and drink cannot be taken into the play area of the play bus.

•Chewing gum is forbidden at all time from any little legs vehicle.


Clothing and footwear

•Shoes of any type are not allowed to be worn inside the play area at any time, a shoe rack is provided at the front of the bus for the children to store their foot wear.

•It is your responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all the children attending the party/event are told that they must bring socks, and that socks must be worn at all times.

•We advise that trousers are worn to reduce the risk of friction burns from the slide and equipment.

•You the hirer must ensure that all members of the group have removed all jewellery, badges, or any other sharp objects to reduce the risk of injury and damage to the equipment.


Rules of play

•Little legs bus is suitable for up to 24 children to play at any one time.

•The care and supervision of the children using the bus are at all times the responsibility of you the hirer.

•We require a minimum of two adults from you the hirer to supervise the children at all times.

•A member of staff from little legs will be there to oversee the running of the event/party and to operate and manage the vehicle.

•No person must approach the vehicle until it has parked safely and the driver has opened the main doors.

•Little legs bus does not have a toilet facilities on board, so please ensure that your chosen venue has toilets available and that your supervising adults can assist the children.

•Any damage caused to the vehicle or property belonging to little legs bus inside or outside by any member of the hirer's group will be the responsibility of you the hirer.

•You the hirer will be liable for any cost of repair if requested to do so.

•All children must respect each other and play nicely any child to be seen jeopardizing the safety or enjoyment of others or that of the vehicle will be ask to leave the vehicle.

•Verbal or physical abuse towards any staff member will not be tolerated.

•Our vehicles are fitted with recording CCTV system for the safety of our staff and customers and for the prevention of crime.

•You the hirer are asked to ensure that all member of you group leave the vehicle promptly at the end of your allocated time slot.

•All children and adult's participate at their own risk. Little legs buses do not accept liability for any loss or injury caused through misuse of the equipment or lack of parental/guardian supervision or a failure to comply with little legs terms and conditions.